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 The House of Rachel organisation is Non-Profit Christian organisation aimed at helping to reduce poverty and teach communities to be self –reliant by empowering women of all ages and promoting child care and development. 


Mission and Vision

To be instruments in giving back confident hope to communities; that is why ours is...


The House of Rachel is founded on the following three main pillars...


Our pillars helped us to craft the following principles which clearly define what we stand for:


The House of Rachel derives its name from Rachel in the Bible. The organisation is about the love of God that gives hope. It is about the way God looks into the challenges we encounter in our daily lives and how He is always ready to give us solutions. We always think we can deal with issues and challenges on our own. The more we try to find answers and deal with the situation, the more the situations become more difficult. It is about the most trying time in your life. Just like when Rachel was giving birth, she was weak and weeping, but her tears were not only because of her pains, they were also tears of joy. They were about the new birth, a baby, her hope for the future. Each time in the Bible when Rachel is shown weeping, it does not end there, there is new life coming forth. Jeremiah 31 says “There is a voice of Rachel crying,” but in verse 16 it refers to wiping away of tears. The Lord says, “Do not weep any longer, for I will reward you. Your children will come back to you from the distant land of the enemy. There is hope for your future. Your children will come again to their own land” (Jeremiah 31: 15-16).

The aim to teach people that as long as God is on the throne, there is hope, your dreams, your vision, anything that you have lost, has a chance of coming back to you, every situation that seems bleak, can be restored, if you allow God to restore it.

It is about giving hope where there is hopelessness, about understanding that God is LOVE and His love is unconditional.

About The Founder

Ms Isaacs is not only a Minister of the Word, Mentor, Social Entrepreneur, Mother and Wife but she also the founder of The House of Rachel; a women and children ministry founded in 2014 aimed at not only empowering women and help eradicate poverty and hunger in children by helping women to acquire formal skills; but by also empowering them spiritually  through word based teachings and intercession gatherings. 

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