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The House Of Rachel

The House of Rachel was founded in 2014 and formally launched on the 21st  May 2016 as an Inter-Denominational Apostolic-Prophetic Movement and a registered Non-Profit Organisation –founded on Christ Centred values –which is serving primarily as a Women and Children Ministry -aimed at helping reduce poverty and teaching communities to be self –reliant, by empowering women of all ages (both spiritually and physically) and promoting child care and development through programmes aimed at freeing the children from spiritual, economic and physical poverty through regeneration and preservation of moral values.

We are about love and giving back hope that come true (renewal of faith); reviving dreams and visions, giving back the community a chance of restoration by allowing God to restore it.

The House of Rachel derives its name from Rachel in the Bible. Rachel cried when she was giving birth in Genesis 35: 12. Rachel was giving birth, she was weak and weeping, but she was told not to despair because she has another son. Her tears were not only because of her pains but they were also of joy at the thought of what was being birthed, they were about the new birth, a baby, it made her to experience surging love in time of weeping -her child, her hope for the future. It is about having hope in the most trying times in the lives of people… the hope that come true, Hebrew 6:11.

Each time in the bible when Rachel is shown weeping it did not end there, there was a new life coming forth. In Jeremiah 31: 15 there is a voice of Rachel crying but in verse 16 there is wiping away of tears. ‘The Lord says’ Do not weep any longer, for I will reward you’ says the Lord. ‘Your children will come back to you from the distant land of the enemy’ says the Lord. There is hope for your future’, says the Lord.’ Your children- (meaning anything, any situation that you see as a challenge in your life) – will come again to their own land-(will be restored, settled and have a solution).


About Thembi Isaacs

Ms Isaacs is not only a Minister of the Word, Mentor, Social Entrepreneur, Mother and Wife but she also the founder of The House of Rachel; a women and children ministry founded in 2014 aimed at not only empowering women and help eradicate poverty and hunger in children by helping women to acquire formal skills; but by also empowering them spiritually   through word based teachings and intercession gatherings. The ministry has not only successfully partnered with schools and NPO’s in their area to assist with the needs of their learners but has successfully conducted love missions, evangelical outreaches and intercession gatherings in and outside RSA including Lesotho, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Under her leadership The House of Rachel has grown and launched Abigail Fellowship in 2017; an inter-denominational leader’s fellowship  for First  Ladies , Leaders and Five-Fold Women Ministers to encourage, and empower women leaders to realise and exercise their God given talents and potential for the edification of the church and the community. For her effort through The House of Rachel, she was nominated to be one of the Top 100 Change-makers in South Africa and is now recognised as one of the Top 100 Change-makers in South Africa under DMISA.

She is an ordained Pastor and has attained her certification through the African Leadership Pastor Training program.

She is a self-published author having written ‘My Revelations’ which is a short story book aimed at helping women to seek for a love encounter with Christ that will assist them to find their self-worth and help them to overcome their everyday challenges. Isaacs is also the content editor of ‘The Anchor Holds’ a book written by June Mokoka.

Ms Isaacs is a staunch believer in Kingdom business for advancement of the kingdom of God. That is why she does not hesitate to share the knowledge she has acquired since she started  working in several executive management positions after she achieved an MBA degree in 2012 and was recognized nationally in August 2019 as one of the Top 3 Finalist in the 2019 Progressive Business Forum Business Woman of the year.

Her believe has led to the launching of Diadem Kingdom Business Forum in August 2019, where believers are encouraged and mentored to uphold the Christian values and principles in conducting business so that they can be kingdom stewards. 

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